Oil & Fluid Changes

By following the oil change and fluid replacement schedules that INFINITI recommends, you can avoid problems in the years ahead.

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Fluids Work Hard to Keep Your Car Moving

Your INFINITI has hundreds of parts that need to work together, and your fluids are what help them all move together as one. If you neglect them, you risk friction in the machinery, which can lead to overheating and potential breakdowns on the side of the road.

What are the Benefits of Oil & Fluid Changes?

  • Using the oil designated for the engine of your vehicle prolongs the drivability of your vehicle.
  • Using the proper oil diminishes friction and increases gas mileage while helping to deter overheating.
  • Coolant, as the name suggests, regulates the internal temperature of your vehicle’s engine and is something your engine cannot do without.
  • Transmission fluid is essential to the smooth operation of your vehicle’s automatic transmission.
  • Braking systems function better and endure longer is fluids are replaced according to the factory recommended timetable.

Keeping your fluids clean means your vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard when it’s in drive. You spend less money on gas and maintenance when you take care of them. Keep your systems running at their utmost performance when you follow the recommended schedule for fluid changes.

Express Oil Change

In and out in 60 minutes or less!

Sometimes it’s not easy to find time to get your oil changed, which is why Lake Norman INFINITI makes it simple to get everything done quickly. Our Express Oil & Filter change will get you on your way and back to your day.

When you use this service, you get total peace of mind with a free vehicle inspection. Our certified technicians check it all from the outside in, and give you a fast report so you can plan ahead if you have a safety issue that needs to be addressed either now or in the future.

When you wait to schedule your oil change, you risk compromising your engine! Follow the INFINITI factory recommendations to ensure your car is always running to its full potential. Check your owner’s manual if you have questions about your oil change interval schedule.

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